Terms and Conditions.

Company name ;ColorsofNaturePhotography

Website ;  www.colorsofnature.nl

E-Mail ; groenewoudjeanet@hotmail.com


Terms and Conditions towards - 


Register workshops -Payments Cancellations .

Photoproducts and delivery.


Privacy and Personal Information.


Workshops /Products offered by ColorsofNaturePhotography , that may be offered herewith apply.

Register Workshops;

After registering for a Workshop you will receive an email and i will confirm the registration.When there are many applications i will confirm in order of registration.

If the workshop is full , I will contact you to follow the workshop on a different date.

Payments ;

After registering for a workshop or the Photography course for Beginners you will receive an invoice wich you must pay within 2 weeks ,if the workshop only starts in a few months - immediately start a workshop within 2 weeks and transfer the amount ,Orders for Photo products must pay within 3 days after receiving of the product within 3 days.

Payments only by bank number on the invoice - no cash payments.

Cancellations ;

ColorsofNaturePhotography Always has the right to cancel a workshop , this decision can be made 2 weeks before the start of the workshop.

The customer will be informed of this by e-mail or telephone.In consultation, I will choose a different date , if the customer can not on this date i will refund the amount.

If I have to cancel a workshop due to my own illness or an emergency, I will set a different date and if the client is unable to do so , I will refund the amount .In het event of het customer,s own cancellation due to illness , I will not refund the amount.The customer may then take another data on the workshop in consultation  with me.

The Customer will contact me .


If a workshop is canceled 4 weeks before the start of the workshop , the customer will receive half of the total amount of the workshop returned.If  a workshop is canceled within 2 weeks before the start of the workshop , the customer will NOT receive a refund .If the workshop is completely canceled , no amount will be refunded!!


Cancellations while registering the Beginners Photo Course;

Unsubscribe within 4 weeks before the start of the course ; Refund half the amount of the course.

Unsubscribe within 2 weeks before the start of the course ;Refund none !! 

Stop the course after the course starts without a valid reason; No restitution !! 


Pictures made by myself during the workshop or trip , may be used in consultation with the client for purpose of my website - facebook page -and or advertising purpose.


Orders for Photoproducts ;

After receiving the order an invoice will be sent to you and this must first be paid ,after receiving the payment the photo product will be ordered or if it concerns products that i have in stock it will be sent a.s.a .p  You will receive an email about this.


Wall mounted photo products ,

Will therefore be ordered after payment , and when ordered , no changes can be made.Photo products are NOT exchanged and no money is refunded.

Photo -products - Lenses - this applies ; no quarantee. 

If the products are delivered damaged , you must inform me about this in 1 day !!

Afterwards the complaint will no longer processed.

ColorosofNaturePhotography can not be held responsible for deviations in color reproduction and brightness of photo products compared to the screen of customers.

The customer is therefore not entitled to a refund of the amount or a new product .

ColorsofNaturePhotography carefully chooses its clients.




Copyright of photo,s of ColorsofNaturePhotography.

The copyright of the photo,s of ColorsofNaturePhotography is Always reserved by ColorsofNaturePhotography.

Photo,s taken during the workshops by the customer remain under copyright of the customer .ColorsofNaturePhotography cannot be held liable for the unauthorized use by third parties. This is when photo,s are copied from Facebook or website.


Privacy and Personal information;

ColorsofNaturePhotography will not disclose or share personal data of customers with third parties unless permission has been obtained here in consultation with the customer.